Commission Price

  •  Half body  :  $70 - $90 (per 1 character)

  • Full body  :  $100 - $140​ (per 1 character)

*** price depends on detail of your character ***​

  • Additional background  +  $30  -  $150

*** price depends on detail of your background ***​

  • NSFW x 1.5 from normal price



  • Send me you request , detail and reference at MY Twitter DM or my email titled as "Commission"

  • Wait for my response and I will start quick sketch

  • Please check it thoroughly sketch can be changed but when you say  "OK"  with sketch it CANNOT be changed. If you want to change, it will cost $10 per point

  • I will send you invoice , give payment in advance, and I will continue working.

  • The following price is for PERSONAL USE ONLY For commercial use, please tell me before start working

  • The finished artwork will be published at my site as my portfolio If you DON'T want me to post it on any website, please tell me first


* Payment via Paypal only *