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Render character with simple BG

- Additional character is double the price  (max 3 characters)

- Additional 50 - 100 USD for complex details or additional items (ex. weapon, minion, etc.)


Render character with detail BG

Coming soon


  • Please note that the Commission will be for personal use only.

  • For commercial use please inform me beforehand that the pricing will have an extra charge from the original amount.

  • vtuber commission is counted as commercial use.

  • Payment is done in 100% upfront 

  • NO REFUNDs so please make sure before sending the form.

  • The finished artwork will be published on my site and my SNS as my portfolio If you DON'T want me to post it on any website, please inform me beforehand.

  • Please link the reference sheet in google drive, Imgur, or toyhouse with clear and easy-to-understand details of your characters.  

  • The sketch will deliver in 1 - 2 weeks after receiving the payment and the finished work is expected to be done in 1-2 months or more depending on the complexity after the sketch has been approved.

  • Please check the sketch thoroughly during the sketch process 

  • After the sketch approval, major adjustment is NOT allowed, minor adjustment (ex. color adjustment) is okay.

Accept Wise Transfer , Paypal

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